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Welcome to OQEMA

The OQEMA is an internationally active distribution company for basic chemicals and specialities headquartered in Mönchengladbach. We are a family company by tradition and conviction. Always reliable. Always responsive. Always on-site. And that, meanwhile, for 90 years.

On the foundation of our sustainable growth, in the last two decades we have lain down roots in almost every European country and distribution market. Which is why you’ll find us today in Germany, in the Benelux region, in Eastern Europe, in England — and in many other important markets. We reliably offer our customers everything they need.


From A as in acetone to Z as in zinc sulphate. Our product range encompasses several thousand products based on natural or petrochemical crude materials. With these products, we are a distributor for almost every industry. Our assortment can be divided into basic chemicals and more obscure specialities. We deliver them reliably in all package sizes — all the way up to entire truck loads.

  • Inorganics
    • Acids
    • bases
    • solids
    • water chemistry
  • Organics
    • Acids
    • bases
  • Regenerate
  • Automotive/​AdBlue, Electronics/​Photovoltaics, Epoxide Resins & Setting Agents, Feed & Food, Fine Chemistry, Formulated Plaster, Fillers/​Pigments/​Dyes, Silica & Matting Agents, Life Science, Surface Technology, Vegetable Oils & Fatty Acids, Rare Earth Elements, Anti-Foaming & Binding Agents


We know the meaning of sustainability and quality — economically and ecologically. So we quite naturally take our responsibility to the environment and society just as seriously as we take our reliability for our customers.


The best of both worlds. That’s how you could describe what awaits you with OQEMA. On the one hand, we know exactly where we’ve come from, and on the other, we know very well where we want to go. We take the mid-size virtues seriously — we are real fans of sustainability, humility, sound judgment, continuity, reliability, fairness.

It’s clear to us — small companies grow into larger ones. We’re also walking that path. But preserving mid-size virtues as long as possible — that is a central concern of ours. Which is why we are building and rebuilding our foundation in order to promote innovation and growth — but also in order to preserve the qualities that you appreciate in us.


Founded in 1922, the OQEMA today occupies a leading position in the European chemical distribution market. For two decades, we have displayed continuous and outstanding growth. We have a goal!

We count among the top ten chemical distribution companies in Europe — and we want to expand that, to move forward. No matter where we are active, specific knowledge of the regional procurement and sales markets is our strength.

We would be happy to advise you from any of our locations!